The Bias Research Initiative

(formerly ESTI)
affiliated with the Cole Neurocognition Lab at Rutgers University

Seeking fundamental understanding of bias in science, technology,  and society

Our Goal

This virtual institute was created to support research & public understanding of the many biases that impact humans and their technology

Who Are We?

We are a distributed group of researchers, with the core of the group located at The Cole Neurocognition Lab. The lab is a neuroscience and cognitive science laboratory located at the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience (CMBN) at Rutgers University in Newark.

Meet the members!

Here are some members of the Bias Research Initiative

Michael W. Cole, PhD

Ravi Mill, PhD
Research Faculty

Nicole Lalta
PhD student

Lakshman Chakravarthy
PhD student

Carrisa Cocuzza
Recent PhD graduate

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